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Watch a pre-recorded video by selecting one from our Video On Demand library.

Want to ask us a question during our live events? Call us via Skype!
Setting up a Skype account is easy. Within your account search for our Skype name: nepafreethought.
How To Call NEPA Freethought Society on Skype.
X Help: Calling NEPA Freethought on Skype

1st - Get Skype:

Go to and sign up for an account, download the Skype application, and then search for and add "nepafreethought" as a contact. It's easier then you think!

2nd - Call us during our live shows:

During the live broadcast we will announce that we are now accepting calls. Open your Skype app, click on NEPA Freethought Society in your contact list, and then click the "Call" button. This will notify us that you are trying to call in.
F.Y.I. Voice calling only, no video.

3rd - What to expect when calling in:

We can only accept one call at a time, so know that your attempt to contact us may take a few minutes for us to answer. Let your call continue to ring or call back if you wish. When we answer your call the hosts will great you, ask for your name and your question. Depending on the show format for the day we may disconnect after you give your question or keep you on the line for further conversation.

Upcoming Livestreaming Events:

  • To be announced...

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