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The Freethinkers' Quarterly Buffet

(past event)


Super Kings Buffet

2298 Highland Park Blvd.
Wilkes-Barre, Twp. Marketplace
Wilkes-Barre Twp. PA

Who Was There:

Yes 6/ Maybe 1/ Guests 0

Who's Hosting:

Rodney Collins
May 2012
Saturday 02:30 PM

Event Description:

Fellow freethinkers:


The NEPA Freethought Society has reimplemented an old group activity to our growing list of activities for the new year. By popular demand we have brought back the Freethinkers' Quarterly Buffet. The quarterly buffet is an informal meeting held every three months at a local buffet that is completely independent from our regular monthly meeting.


It is our full intent to provide our members with a pleasurable experience to the best of our abilities and we strive to bring variety as well. This event will be one of several activities we intend to add during the course of 2012 and in doing so we look to our fellow members for their involvement and support of our endeavors.


Super Kings Buffet is an Asian-American cuisine buffet with a great variety of food.


February 11th, May 12th, August 11th, and November 10th will be postings for each of these event dates, so keep an eye out about a month in advance of these dates. Hope to see you there.


The buffet host and cashier will be able to direct you to our table. If you don't see us, just mention the group. 


 - Group Organizer, Rodney Collins   


Event Recap:

Event Comments

05/12/2012 linjsnyder
Not gonna make it after all. Been under the weather since yesterday.
05/12/2012 JustinVacula
I'll be taking buses to get to the event.
05/9/2012 wendiigo
Sara may or may not stick around as there is a craft supply store within walking distance. So 1 Yes, 1 Maybe?
05/8/2012 JustinVacula
Anyone available to pick me up in Scranton and drive me back? Thanks!
05/3/2012 linjsnyder
I might need a ride from AC Moore in Scranton.

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Who Was There:

Rodney Collins
Bill Dickerson

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